Legacy Challenge

Take the Human Rights Watch Legacy Challenge

Set up a legacy gift for Human Rights Watch by June 30, 2018 and activate an immediate $5,000 contribution from our sponsor.


Goal: 50 new legacy gifts by June 30, 2018 to defend human rights for years to come

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Increase Your Impact to Protect and Defend Human Rights Worldwide

Make your legacy gift even more meaningful and have an immediate impact in the fight against human rights abuses. When you set up a legacy gift for Human Rights Watch, activist and philanthropist Amy Rao will donate $5,000 in your honor and donate an additional $2,500 when you complete the Declaration of Intent. This extraordinary opportunity to increase your impact ends June 30, 2018.

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Profile in Compassion: Amy Rao, CEO, Philanthropist, and Human Rights Activist

Amy Rao Amy passionately believes in defending and protecting human rights around the world. She has a longstanding relationship with Human Rights Watch and serves on our International Board.

A committed and focused philanthropist, Amy believes that every act of generosity should generate the maximum impact and produce outcomes that make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives. “My giving is focused in human rights,” Amy says, “and I love being able to support causes that work for long-term systemic change. I’m giving to organizations that work for impact.”

This is why Amy has generously offered to donate in your honor for the Human Rights Watch Legacy Challenge.

“I’m an activist,” Amy says. You’re an activist, too. With donations from Amy made in your name, your legacy gift has even more power to defend human rights and save lives for generations to come.

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How You Benefit with the Human Rights Watch Legacy Challenge

When you take the Human Rights Watch Legacy Challenge, you advance the cause of human rights in a unique way with immediate and lasting impact. That holds special benefits for you, as well.

  • You activate a $5,000 donation from Amy Rao that will go to work immediately to defend human rights. Activate an additional $2,500 donation when you tell us more about your gift.
  • You create your legacy of upholding human rights and saving lives, making these the core values of your life from this point on.
  • You take your place in our Legacies for Justice Society with others who believe in advancing human rights just as you do.
  • You are acknowledged as a leader in human rights in our publications, and you inspire others to join this cause. You can remain anonymous if you prefer.
  • You receive exclusive insider information as a Legacies for Justice Society member, along with invitations to special events.
  • You live your values of defending and upholding human dignity for people everywhere.

Activate Amy’s Donation   Complete the Declaration of Intent


Human Rights Legacy Challenge Campaign Restrictions
  • You must create or review your estate documents to include Human Rights Watch between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.
  • If you have already included Human Rights Watch in your plans prior to July 1, 2017, but have not yet told us, your gift also qualifies.
  • Plans that include Human Rights Watch as a contingent beneficiary do not qualify. A contingent beneficiary means that Human Rights Watch will receive the gift only if a certain contingency is met. For example, “My nephew will receive $10,000. If he is not living, Human Rights Watch will receive those funds.”
  • When you set up and inform Human Rights Watch of a new legacy gift, Amy Rao will donate $5,000. Amy will donate an additional $2,500 for donors who complete the Declaration of Intent.
  • The donations will be made in your honor, unless you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Download the full restrictions here.