How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

Thanks to generous and forward-thinking donors like you, ​Human Rights Watch ​can continue our work in the pursuit of justice and promotion of human rights​ for years to come.​ Your legacy gift is one of the most personal ways to ensure that your values of defending the rights of vulnerable people worldwide carry on for future generations.​ Will you join us?​

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Why We Need Your Help

In every one of today’s global crises, we are finding areas where lasting progress can be made, even in the midst of enormous challenges. We can keep the world on the side of compassion and equality, save lives, and secure justice—but only with ongoing investments that will sustain our institution.

To be effective, we must stay committed and resolved to fighting the long, hard fights. You can stand with us as a steadfast partner in these efforts, building our legacy alongside your own through a legacy gift to Human Rights Watch.

A legacy gift is a wonderful way for you to continue your annual generosity to Human Rights Watch and make permanent your support for the human rights cause.
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Meet People Like You

Human Rights Watch supporters are taking action that defines their values even after their lifetimes. You can read more about how they are standing up to the tyrants and abusers who try to cover up their crimes against humanity.
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